We could sure use your help!

There are many ways to support Historic Tunnel Mill. Here are some of the BEST ways to help!

  • Attend our events and tell your friends and family! Word of mouth is our best advertiser and our events are our biggest fundraisers!
  • Volunteer your time to help with projects on-site. There’s always something to be done and there’s always someone on the property, so we can work with your schedule! Call Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters at (812) 606-1264 or e-mail to schedule volunteer time on your own.
  • Join our volunteer work parties! Every so often, we host Volunteer Work Weekends at Historic Tunnel Mill. Work varies depending on what needs to be done at the time. These are weekends where a large group of volunteers gather at the site and get a major project (or several little projects) completed. You can keep track of our work weekends by following our Facebook Page. (Click on “Events”)
  • Volunteer your equipment! Do you own a backhoe? Dump truck? Tractor? You can help us AND you can get a tax write-off for your fuel usage and equipment rental! Call Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters at (812) 606-1264 or e-mail to find out what we need!
  • Donate gently used tools and equipment. You can get a tax-deduction for a charitable contribution to the Boy Scouts of America for your donated goods. Please see our list of needed items.
  • Make a financial contribution. There are many things that we need that are expensive, including wood shingles, wood siding, and much more. Your donation helps us purchase these materials to complete our projects. You may make a financial contribution by sending a check to: (Please write “John Work House Project” in the memo portion of the check.)

    Lincoln Heritage Council, BSA
    Attn: Barry Oxley/John Work House Project
    12001 Sycamore Station Place
    Louisville, KY 40299


Historic Tunnel Mill Donated Items “Wish-List”

Any donated items are tax-deductible and we can pick them up.

  • Any antique items pertaining to the actual Tunnel Mill, 1814-1927.

  • Any historic personal items belonging to John Work, Col. John Coomes, Wilford Green, or Henry and Harlan Dodd.

  • John Work’s Personal Diary (Last known to exist in Iowa in the 1980’s. We just need a photocopy, not the real thing.)

  • Old Bricks (Recycled bricks from an historic demolition are acceptable.)

  • Lumber (Lots of it! Old or new in any size! We can pull nails if necessary!)

  • GREEN White Oak Logs (24 inches long, by 20 inches in diameter for making wood shingles)

  • Backhoe/Excavator Work (Can write-off fuel and equipment rental)

  • Dump Truck Service (For hauling donated gravel to our site.)

  • Square-Cut Limestone Blocks (Salvaged from a demolition site is fine.)


  • Acme-Style Shutter Hinges

  • Antique or Reproduction Tools (Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Gardening, etc)

  • Reproduction Historic Clothing (1770-1815 for our loaner gear program.)

  • Wooden Wagon Wheels

  • Steel Bar Stock (Old steel bars, hayrake tines, etc. No mower blades or files please.)

  • Split Fence Rails

  • Books (Must be historic skills or reference books pertaining to the Early American period.)

  • Skilled Carpentry/Cabinetry Work

  • Park Benches

  • Toy Wooden “Rifles” (For Boy Scout “War of 1812 Militia Drill” program)

  • Woven-Wire Fencing

  • Type “N” or Type “O” Mortar Mix (For cabin chinking.)

  • Steel Fabrication Shop Services (To re-build the 1877 steel water wheel.)

  • Buckboard Wagon (Any condition)

  • 4-Seater UTV or Heavy-Duty Golf Cart (For transportation of elderly and handicapped individuals around the property.)

  • Small Tractor with Front-Loader and Bush-Hog (N-Series size would be perfect!)

  • Log Buildings (Any condition is fine. We can use a half-rotten cabin to repair a less-rotten one!)

  • Mule or Horse (MUST be trained to pull!)

Special Thanks to our Donors and Volunteers!

We’d like to specifically mention everyone, but there are far too many to list here! We would like to make special mention of a few local businesses that have helped us out!


Shady Deals Tree Services for an endless supply of free wood-chips!

Wiggam Lumber for sheet-metal roofing for the 1929 BSA cabin! www.wiggamlumber.com

Charlestown Pizza Company for a 10% discount for our reenactors! www.ctownpizzaco.com

Tiny TIMBERS for a discount on specialty wood products! www.tinytimbers.com

Cole’s Custom Services for a discount on roll-off dumpster service!

Isom and Sons Plumbing, Heating and Gas for plumbing repair.

Hughes Excavating for septic and water hook-up and repair.

Mid-America Enterprises for tractor/backhoe loan.

Jacobi Sales, inc for UTV use during special events. www.jacobisales.com

Circle T Excavating and Dumpster Service for various earth-moving projects.